Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food Smells ... elsewhere


While reading recipes and tales
from Made in Italy: Food and Stories
see previous post  and here

Giorgio Locatelli,
Chef of
London's Locanda Locatelli click here

(say that five times fast)
a Michelin starred restaurant,

Chef made
an interesting
nose-sensitive comment
in relation to food:

"... some people, I know, don't like the flavour of real coconut. I have had people tell me that it reminds them of soap or body lotion. You know, I am so against the idea that soaps and shampoos and even household cleaners are made to smell of fruit - because it is so misleading, especially for kids. They think of apple as the aroma of a shampoo, instead of the real thing. I say only food should smell of food."

And then I came across a coconut Pina Colada creamy textured deodorant. If I was four years old, I would've eaten a chunk out of it, the way kids used to think the medicine Corocidin were red M&Ms.

An interesting perspective, though too late, for the faux fruit fad is deep in the scent world. I appreciate the Chef author's care of wanting to keep the connection with
what we eat and where it comes from, meaningful for all generations. These vital connections can lead to another feeding ingredient ... shared conviviality!

Hubert Lui, my Tai Chi teacher click here used to tell us before we ate together,
it is not just the food we are eating, it is the shared company, the energy of each other's company.

(Taoists are known as energy eaters, cloud and sky eaters, etc. ;)

There are still many in this world I hope to share a cup of tea, a coffee, a local beverage with ... break bread, laugh over a great texture and color of food, wherever, and whenever, it may happen.