Saturday, January 17, 2009

Begin Again

Mister Lui's contagious laugh was more than a belly laugh ... it was a deep-rooted tan tien laugh!

Man, he could do a Snake Creeps Down!
seen here with the UNLV Tai Chi Chuan Club 1983

inch by inch

the practice of inch by inch

breath by breath


From January 1975 until his death in January 1995, I knew and worked with Hubert Lui.

Beginning as his student, I trained as a class assistant, and once I began teaching, flew him in several times a year as a Guest Teacher, Lecturer and Inspirer.

His students, from around the globe, met for yearly Tai Chi Chuan Reunions in San Francisco, where he and his wife, Elsie, had retired from Chicago. 

Tai Chi Chuan Reunion San Francisco 1985

Same movement
Pull Down  

Pasadena, CA 2000
photo: Miguel Munoz

Tai Chi Reunion San Francisco 1983 or '84
I loved practicing in this city grove of eucalyptus trees.

The air was delicious ... fresh scrubbed from morning fog and mentholated with the leaves.

Hubert Lui was a great believer in the group energy of the classroom and outdoors practice. I too experience this in my practices as teacher, student, guest lecturer.



Begin again

Thousands of times practice

Tai Chi Chuan in Las Vegas, Nevada
throughout the 1980's

Instructor Lura Astor

Mister Lui, you live in our hearts
and in our practice