Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chaos Crocheted

Crochet Your Own Model of Chaos

pictured: the Lorenz Manifold crocheted

mathematicians and authors, Hinke Osinga, Ph.D. and Bernd Krauskopf, Ph.D - paper and crochet instructions here.

Textiles, weaving, knitting, crocheting, with the aid of computer graphics and 3-dimensional modeling, help better understand equations which describe

how chaos arises, and is organized, in systems, the nature of chaotic systems, such as the weather.

More background in this article, one of many.

The fragrance Chaos by Donna Karan has its avid followers. Originally out in 1996, it was discontinued, but occasionally available, and reissued in 2008.

If you like
Chaos you may like Must de Cartier, not as a replacement, and Diesel Green. Ironically, with a name like Chaos, the DKNY site states that Chaos was created to reconnect with our own natural creativity and balance; blending calm, serene notes with spicy, warm notes.

I know that as an artist, working in any medium, there are moments, or tides, of chaos within the structure of the piece, and I must get out of the way, allowing the other to imbue.

More on chaos "organizing" in the Synchronicity post and TED video here