Friday, June 5, 2009

synchronicity - play yours today

Personal space varies within cultures and environments. 

On numerous occasions, I have almost been run over with shopping carts or walked into, though I am visible and spatially aware.

One car's tempo changes the whole drive pattern on a freeway.

Here, a presentation on unplanned synchronicity by mathematician Steven Strogatz on the TED talks series It shows how flocks, including birds, fireflies, humans and fish, synchronize, acting as a unit with no one giving orders.

Strogatz shows this tendency in the realm of objects, " ...spontaneous order and unexpected consequences ..."

I call it the dance of order within chaos.

One designer calls it don't bump into anything, stay away from the predators.

Here, an article Playing the Synchronicity Game by author and workshop leader Robert Moss.

Watercolor: Lura Astor