Friday, January 18, 2013

Nature - and Another Thing

continuing from my previous post

Many Medications Affect Our Sense of Smell.

When our sense of smell is out of equilibrium so is part of our own balance.

Affecting smell? Definitely birth control, hormonal medications (search on this site). Definitely anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and weight loss medications, viagra, steroids. People who care-take see the symptoms first hand.

For years I've used performance and teaching skills to increase my ability to guide people how to smell and analyze smell more - for lay people, not for industry standards. I use art points of view. Also, I smell in color and until a few years ago assumed every body does. I've since learned that people smell in a variety of ways including: in a fog, in textures, in zones, analytically in numbers.

I look forward to more people accessing this sense in ways that enhance their life, beyond cliché.

photo: pill head, common use