Monday, October 29, 2012

Definition of Nature in Scent World - Up For Grabs


2 October 2012, I write:

Completing a questionnaire on Trends in Scent in North America, I realize, the definition of Nature is up for grabs.

Regarding regulatory increases and concern of allergens, and, I am not a scientist, I don’t know the effects of human tissue in vaccines, genetically modified seeds in source material, chemical spray on materials used, and other factors. I am not a “use only naturals in perfumery” advocate. And, I don’t know the geo-politics of regulations in this industry.

I do know that when my country announced a war with Iraq and Afghanistan that many were returning missing limbs. I voiced that with the money in bio-technology and computer prosthetics that we will see a Bionics Olympics with huge leaps and faster race times due to longer, bouncier strides. Acrobatics will take a new twist and new sports will develop. 

As a kid, I came home from elementary school and told my mother the teacher had told us that war is good for science, medical innovation, and for quickly producing doctors. Mom flipped a lid and then proceeded to educate me on analytical thinking, and how peace could be magnificent for science, technology, medicine and art. She continued teaching me how to hold my own during sweeping generalizations, to use discernment and to research. She taught us to give credit to people while they are living. She thought posthumous accolades are ridiculous, and a backwards thinking money-maker.

We continue to define Nature. From centuries of "we must control Nature or it will control us" -to- analysis of Nature and Nurture/or programming -to- there remains an equilibrium within Nature that teaches we are but a part of it. 

In view of the long clock of now, nature, and we, evolve, slowly it seems, slowly, longly. And we define and redefine and maybe even refine.

photo: detail from Smell Installation Lura Astor