Sunday, April 17, 2011

Season Nings

Cayenne in coffee
a welcome bite
 ... inspired by a strawberry dipped in chocolate imbued with chili powders

I like violet pastilles
licorice and clove gums

and on occasion,
spritz ambergris in my coffee

B/W Sketch: Half Moon Cafe lastor

Smelling Life

A tree trunk
what's being
carried in
photo: lastor

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color! Portals! Sniff Sniff

"The painter of the future,” said van Gogh,
“Is a colorist such as has never been seen before."

I do hope so. The delicious irony is that paint manufacturers, color theorists, and colormakers, practically inclined craftspeople, have traditionally been conventionally minded folk, offering up gleaming new tools into the hands of visionaries who go and do something crazy with them, break the mold, create a revolution. Long may it last.

…. that is the way of art, to find ways to take advantage of what technology offers. That, I hope, is the one central message of this book: technology opens new doors for artists. And of course technologists cannot then prescribe which portals the artists will go through or what they will do on the other side.
- Philip Ball, Bright Earth

which portals the artists will go through?

Illustrations: Whea, Sunwaves, Tree Portals  lastor

Monday, April 11, 2011

and have you slept with ...?

Perfume is an inner dimension of femininity that, above all, expresses in its own particular manner what cannot be expressed in any other way.

You can't love a perfume you haven't slept with.

-Coco Chanel

 Illustration: Klimtfume lastor

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Douglas Hopkins of The Perfume Factory

Long time fashion (including perfume) photographer,  previously a scientific photographer at MIT catching exploding volcanoes on film ... The Berlin Wall falls ... Douglas Hopkins click here visits some Russian perfume factories with a perfume chemist friend. He then goes to Poland, smells  Prastarah and proceeds to buy the world rights. Full story on the scent, with some age to it, that crosses Polish and French Royalty history click here.

From the site: Prastara has been produced in Europe continuously since 1848, a Latin manuscript was more recently discovered in the attic of an 800 year old Polish soap factory in Lodz shortly after WWII. This may be the specific indication of its origin, from the fact that Louis’ mistress, who later became his last wife, was of Polish royalty.

"A kissing distance whisper."

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Honey Notes & Bees

I love a true honey note in fragrances.

At Bee Natural, I enjoy Joe Waggle's use of lemon grass essential oil into melted beeswax, in order to increase a swarm box’s attractiveness. Read how here: click here

... recently sent a link to Holy Bee Press click: We Talk Bees


Wearing Parfum Privee/La Perla with its touch of honey.