Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mae West Went West

Mae never takes showers, preferring tub baths perfume with rose-scented bath salts. She has more than a dozen fluffy negligees and wears a different one every morning for breakfast, which she eats on a pink satin chaise lounge in her boudoir.

She has twenty-seven bottles of perfume on her dressing table, but the one she uses almost exclusively is of sweet pe scent … Her hair-dresser comes to her home every morning to give her a finger wave. Her hair is shampooed weekly. Mae’s fingernails are manicured three times a week and always coated with a vivid red polish. She has massages several times a week.

For the sake of her curves she eats rich, creamy foods – likes chocolate candy too.

She is left-handed, naturally, but hides the fact in public. She can’t ride a horse, but is proud of her ability to ride an elephant. She likes to motor, but cant’ drive a car, and is afraid of ocean and air travel. She is a disciple of Yogi, writes in bed, dictating to a secretary.

She’s a home girl, and oddly her homework is writing.

- Becoming Mae West, Emily Wortis Leider, Farrar Straus Giroux 1997

Photo: She Done Him Wrong Paramount
Packaging Design: Becca Fox