Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Finn Earl (Anton Yelchin): Who is this?

Ogden C. Osborne (Donald Sutherland): (mild laugh) Ah, that's Creamsicle

Finn: Her name was Creamsicle?

Ogden: Yeah. Yeah, she smelled like a Creamsicle

Finn: Mr. Osborne, Creamsicles don't smell.

Ogden: Smells good doesn't it? 

King of Norway introduced me to her. She had a mole shaped like Cuba.

She and Billie Holliday
got into a cat fight
over me.
The two of 'em used to sing duets.

One in each ear.
Billie Holliday could sure sing.

Creamsicle used to hit the high notes.

Photo: the film Fierce People 2005 Lions Gate
Director: Griffin Dunne
Writer: Dirk Wittenborn