Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lord's Jester Perfume

Adam Gottschalk, perfumer and founder of Lord's Jester, brings deft touch, a heartbreaking quality, a tinch of humor throughout, and homage to beauty for beauty's sake.

Enjoying the beauties I've smelled to date, liquids,
and the solids have wonderful melt.

a transparency
and the sense that here
is a perfume maker who truly does love women.

So, Adam, if this is you clowning around - keep on doing it!

On you-tube you can find Adam's many poetry recitings, busking around the world, Bellingham Slam, talking about his adult onset MS, beat poetry, and perfume.


Just discovered the Lord's Jester has left the building. #AdamGottschalk passed around June 16, 2016. I wear his #Zephyr in honor of his ride on the winds ... he leaves his trail of sillages ... ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎busker‬ ‪#‎perfumer‬ ‪#‎artist‬ ‪#‎writer‬ ‪#‎poet‬ gentle ‪#‎jester‬

A Toast.

photo / illustration:  Lura Astor