Thursday, April 7, 2011

Douglas Hopkins of The Perfume Factory

Long time fashion (including perfume) photographer,  previously a scientific photographer at MIT catching exploding volcanoes on film ... The Berlin Wall falls ... Douglas Hopkins click here visits some Russian perfume factories with a perfume chemist friend. He then goes to Poland, smells  Prastarah and proceeds to buy the world rights. Full story on the scent, with some age to it, that crosses Polish and French Royalty history click here.

From the site: Prastara has been produced in Europe continuously since 1848, a Latin manuscript was more recently discovered in the attic of an 800 year old Polish soap factory in Lodz shortly after WWII. This may be the specific indication of its origin, from the fact that Louis’ mistress, who later became his last wife, was of Polish royalty.

"A kissing distance whisper."