Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color! Portals! Sniff Sniff

"The painter of the future,” said van Gogh,
“Is a colorist such as has never been seen before."

I do hope so. The delicious irony is that paint manufacturers, color theorists, and colormakers, practically inclined craftspeople, have traditionally been conventionally minded folk, offering up gleaming new tools into the hands of visionaries who go and do something crazy with them, break the mold, create a revolution. Long may it last.

…. that is the way of art, to find ways to take advantage of what technology offers. That, I hope, is the one central message of this book: technology opens new doors for artists. And of course technologists cannot then prescribe which portals the artists will go through or what they will do on the other side.
- Philip Ball, Bright Earth

which portals the artists will go through?

Illustrations: Whea, Sunwaves, Tree Portals  lastor