Friday, March 11, 2011

Incense - Poetic Smoke

Gifted incense maker Nathaniel Musselman has unique offerings on his Etsy site Click here

I've tried many and hope to share them in workshops.

Part of my need in an incense is the ability to breathe well with the smoke, especially while practicing with any breath work: deep breathing, yoga, Tai Chi, meditations.

Musselman's work is superbly well-balanced, the odors divine - no cloying here; with deft touch, the burn is excellent - smoke spirals.

Knowing that traditionally, many medicines can be inhaled via smoke, I approach incense choices with these things in mind: 

Scent - do I enjoy the odor?
Physically - can I inhale it easily in the air space?
As a spiritual transportive, a room "freshener" or "cleanser" and, just for fun.

Nathaniel Musselman has whimsy, deep craft and a studious nature that serve us well via his gifts in the form of these beauties.

Transformative art ... poetic smoke.

photo: Nathaniel's Incense Lura Astor