Monday, January 24, 2011

the wavelength spectrum of 380 nm to 740 nm/nanometers gives me such pleasure

I met Darius Monsef IV, founder of, some years back in Portland, Oregon.

 Life and color are completely different experiences for everybody, he says in his recent interview in San Francisco Magazine here acknowledging that people see differently.
I know that people also smell, perceive smell, differently. For a bunch of us, color is right in there in the mix, what I call olfactory synasthetes.

Darius also said, Mark Zuckerberg told me he’s color-blind, and that’s why Facebook’s header is blue. It’s the easiest color for the color-blind to see.

As kids, my sister, brother and I were upset to hear that our dog only saw in black and white. Dad reassured us by saying, it's like he's watching black and white television, which is what we had - I'd watch TV at the neighbors to see the Emerald City in color after a black and white journey to the Land of Oz.

In my research on synasthesia among perfume people, a wide range of differences emerges. Though I smell in color, texture, shape, energy, etc., I don't see letters in color. It is similar among healing work practitioners - the wide range of how we smell, feel textures, see light patterns, and more.

Experiencing color is a great pleasure in my life, whether I see it, smell it, taste it, hear it.

photo: Wedding Cake of Darius & Kaili