Thursday, January 20, 2011

Florida Water

Lanman and Kemp's Florida Water reminds me of my now passed older brother who brought it back after a trip to Cuba right before it closed to American citizens in the 1960's.

Cracking open the foil seal

his musk, tan skin that he liked to peel off as a sheet of map with his crooked smile and fisherman muscles

cinnamon, joyous neroli, sun-bleached hair lemon

bergamot, settling clove, sensitive heart whom I adore

lavender that I grew well with inherited green-thumb 

rose - family pets were buried under their bushes

jasmine – an eternal favorite shared in tea

All in a bottle ! Instant! Sniff ! 

John Elliott Hirsch 03/16/1944 – 01/20/2003

illustration/photo: lastor