Monday, April 26, 2010

Give Someone a Something Today


a something

a compliment
a peanut
a parfluffle
a petal
a proposition
a parfait
a praline
a pontification
a pudding
a puddle

photo: RoseHeart Basket Still Smelling of Green Apple Notes lastor

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scent Bar Los Angeles Orange Star "Opening" 17 April 2010

At the Scent Bar in Los Angeles

The Lucky Scent 'Guys'
Adam Eastwood (far left)

and Franco Wright (far right)
created an amazing space.

Perfumer, Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes
(second from left)

came in from Zurich, Switzerland to let us be the first in the U.S. to sniff his newest fragrance Orange Star.
That's me smiling happily amongst great company.

What a warm event. Andy answered many questions as people of all ages flowed in and out for hours. It was a pleasure to meet strangers in this Bar and talk scent. I enjoyed watching reveries of eyes as we all sniffed. There was talk of the Iceland volcano and the domino-effect in air transport. I met people who I've read in fragrance forums or on their own blogs.

Orange Star is not a typical neroli or green. It warms with its use of resins. It's got personality and lasts. Another successful Tauer invention.

The packaging is stunning and after a glass of Prosecco I noticed I could arrange the boxes into various connecting "molecules".

The cobalt blue bottle is gorgeous, accented by the orange label, and let me tell you, the cap is fit for work. When I sold fragrance it was the caps that often went faulty. Oh and, the sprayer emits a fine spray, which I appreciate for a "scent delivery system".

Lucky Scent was the first to offer fragrance lovers around the world access to hard to locate niche house and cutting edge fragrances in one place online. They allowed us to buy samples at affordable prices so that we could decide when and if we would purchase the whole bottle. The range of this bar is stunning. It allows you to experience what the love of fragrance is all about.

You know a good fragrance store by how the people move behind the counter. These folks were flawless the whole event with a poetry of motion and depth of knowledge, while being great hosts.

Behind Steven's & Angela's great smiles is a love of fragrance and helping people find what they want in a fragrance, whether the shopper is a newbie or connoisseur.

More on Orange Star here and here and here and here

Tauer Perfumes on the Scent Bar

I call this one Lucky Hand:

photos: Lura Astor
except top photo: Angela of Scent Bar

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andy Tauer in Los Angeles - Saturday, 17 April 2010

Andy Tauer will be at Lucky Scent's Scent Bar
all the way from Switzerland

It's the U.S. release of his
Orange StarEnjoy a glass of bubbly
Q & A with the Perfumer

17 April 2010
1-4 PM

8327 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Leave time to find parking

Tauer Perfumes: Perfumery the classical way, perfumes created with love

See you there!

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Photo: Sonnenuntergang in den Bergen: Benjamin Gimmel

If life could be described in a smell ...

Chef Giorgio Locatelli:

If life could be described in a smell, then it is the smell of truffles. They smell of people and sweat. They just remind me so much of human beings; that is why I love them. Also, I think, as you get older, you appreciate truffles more, I don't know why.

photo: Croation white truffles: kork

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


"Sara Jayne-Staynes, who is a director of the Academy of Culinary Arts, and an expert on chocolate, talks about roundness and aftertaste, and length in the mouth, and describes the flavours of individual chocolates in terms of ripe red fruits and plums, wood, tobacco, tea, spice, leather and earth, just as a wine taster might. According to her, the cocoa bean has over 400 distinct aromas and 300 different tastes."

from Made in Italy: Food and Stories, Giorgio Locatelli

If you don't get hungry while reading this book, you have no stomach or no soul - Lura Astor

photo: cacao pod U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

as requested lavender food recipes

click here for lavender ice cream, cookies, fudge and more recipes

lavender wine jelly recipe

Lavender ice cream is divine.

photo: fir 0002