Saturday, September 11, 2010

Parfum BIC

In 1988 BIC launched a perfume line. I did not know this, though I was around when the ad campaign Flick Your Bic! launched for their disposable lighters. It was a newly odd and memorable tagline at the time, alongside You Bet Your Bippie.

Their perfume bottles have a flick lid sprayer, like the portable, disposable, lighters. The company's name derived from founder Marcel Bich's name.

Parfum BIC® "the world’s first fine French perfume that combined high quality with affordable pricing and a stylish, portable design."

For women: Jour, Nuit
For men: BIC for Men, BIC Sport

Produced in France, introduced in Europe, North America, and some African and Middle East markets. In 1991, manufacturing and distribution of BIC® perfumes stopped in most markets, continuing in Iran where it is still manufactured and/or distributed.

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