Monday, September 6, 2010

Smell of Fear, Recovery, Ash, Cash, Balance

Pitti Immagine Fragranze No.8,  Florence, Italy, 10-12 September 2010, click here

Chemist, linguist, artist, scent provocateur, Sissel Tolaas of Norway presents FEAR: The FEAR of Smell vs the SMELL of Fear. 

A Saturday afternoon panel on 11 September 2010 addresses this year's Il Profumo del Futuro/The Fragrance of the Future No. 2: Olfactory scenarios for the next 12-24 months, organized by Pitti Immagine & Futuretaste, details here, titled The Smell of Recovery.

Future No. 1 addressed anthropological constants accompanying the historical-social changes in a globalized world influencing perception of odor and taste.  *note below

"Taken together, the opulence of floral scents (that peaks in the tuberose), the freshness of greenery (cut grass, essential oils, pine, rosemary, herbs of Provence), the sensuality of Middle Eastern oudh (leather, perspiration, animality), make us think of a greater propensity for optimism, extroversion and self-satisfaction, of a quest for nature and body sensations that speak to a desire to leave the crisis behind us."

We can shotgun an apple tree and it sprouts more flowers due to the stresses of imminent death. Humans breed like rabbits during war, thus war boom babies, and later big box sales. We can silence the buzz and see the dark with stars and produce lots of babies; referencing the NYC/NE Coast 1965 electrical outtage.

Knowing the pheromonic relays within perspiration, leathers and animalics, it is no wonder that these scents are back, for,
we live in a petrie dish world.

We can bomb or starve the crap out of humans elsewhere, but it still affects others in a completely different region, in our vibrating agar agar.

let's ".... speak to a desire to leave the crisis behind us."

Earth scents are nice.

Also consider which plantations, marketplaces and distribution channels open up, for these predicate which scents go to mass-market, with correct titillation/teatillation of course.

Smell of Recovery ... speaking of recovery cash ...

Spring 2010
Icelandic Sky
16,000 flights in Europe cancelled yesterday due to Icelandic ash.

I heard that in Iceland people looked up in the sky and yelled, We said Cash!

.. after last year's bankruptcy and billions of UK Sterlings deposited in Icelandic banks by UK city authorities, at high interest rates, it was one C short. Where's Vannah White (spinning for letters on Wheel of Fortune) when we need her?

Summer 2011 Iceland changes its democracy click here

Spring 2009 an ocean away, sulfurous Funky Green Imposter pleases crowds in the Green Aria Scent Opera, Guggenheim Museum, NYC, click here.


The Scent of Petrol - Smelling Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Near the Gulf of Mexico, bumper stickers change from Drill, Baby, Drill to Spill, Baby, Spill.

Conference No. 1 addressed anthropological constants accompanying historical-social changes in a globalized world influencing perception of odor and taste.

*Includes getting used to the taste of plastic packaging in our food, unappealing textures and tastes of irradiated foods, and, genetically engineered food, such as not being able to spit a watermelon seed into desert ground and have it grow.
Seed Savers Exchange here.

... my idea of genetically modified food is more sensual

and as a child it was more along the lines of strawberries the size of oranges, honeydews the size of blueberries or watermelons, honeysuckle nectar to drink by the mouthful, and honey-chocolate kiwi. But then, I'm an artist.

Earthy ... technology balanced with gender-integrated imagination.

The Smell of Balance

and I'm not talking double books

One of India's top actors produced a film that manages to bring humor to the dark subject of 15,000-plus farmers per year, during the last 10 years, commit suicide due to genetically modified patented seeds breaking the bank and the farms.

Click here 
for the trailer.
For English, click the person on the right, then Trailer, then International Trailer.
Laugh yourself sad with Peepli.


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Volcano tourism is real, as are tornado and ambulance chasers

photo: People Admiring the Volcano Eruption at Fimmvörðuháls, Iceland, 27 March 2010
Henrik Thorburn   Latitude: 63.632875° N Longitude: 19.433594°
photo: Philip Seymour Hoffman as a huffer in the movie Love, Liza
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