Sunday, August 29, 2010

4 & 11 September 2010 Online Isolate Workshop

There is a lovely place in California called Carmel.

It is by the Pacific ocean.

Clint Eastwood was its mayor for some years.

Paul Anka has a home there, filled with original Andy Warhol paintings.

Perfume artist Shelley Waddington sculpts
in the medium of air, using a palette of scent molecules to bottle the fragrances and history of her native Carmel-By-The-Sea.

Offering an
online course this coming week, there may still be room to join...

The $175 (plus postage) includes a kit of natural isolate samples and reference bibliography.

Information here

Natural Isolates is a current trend in natural perfumery.

Waddington's course teaches the basics of what an isolate is, how it is produced, how to incorporate isolates into perfume compositions.

4 & 11 September 2010
includes Question/Discussion time after each session

Seating is limited

Shelley Waddington, MA
11 years as a classically trained perfumer
8 years experiences with online seminar training
holds a California Teaching Credential

photo: What Do You Sea? lastor
part of an upcoming installation