Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"You can’t sterilize yourself & think there won’t be consequences.”

"Well, clearly,” said (Gianfranco) Soldera (considered the single best producer of Brunello di Montalcino in the world),
“if you don’t have a nose, you can have all the customs in the world and you still won’t know a thing about food.

You need a nose with a memory.

But it’s much harder now than ever to have a nose.

We’re losing our sense of smell.

“Our nose was once the most important way we could survive. Man could smell danger before he could see it. He could tell when food was bad. With his nose, he selected the person with whom he wanted to reproduce. In the 1700s, they used to cover odors, but now we’re eliminating them. Pollution is killing our olfactory sense and then we’re finishing off the job with deodorants, shower gels, perfumed soaps. Your brain can no longer decipher what real smells are, what’s natural. You can’t sterilize yourself and think there won’t be consequences.”

- Sergio Esposito Passion on the Vine

What do you think?

Watercolor: Brushstroke In It  Lura Astor