Friday, June 11, 2010

The Century of Odour? The Nose has Gained Stature

I think it's an interesting area to look at because essentially,
the investigation of the olfactory
is the investigation of everything else.

- Hans Rindisbacher, author of The Smell of Books: A Cultural-Historical Study of Olfactory Perception in Literature, and more, here

Scent as the Seat of the Soul

Gustav Jaeger, author of Origins of the Soul, a zoologist, physician, and contemporary of Charles Darwin, "reportedly reckoned that scent was the seat of the soul".



The Transparent Citizen

"Yes, they've been collecting human scents to trace anti-globalisation activists they believe may try to disrupt the G8 summit in June. They have been confiscating sweaty vests and getting well-known radicals to impregnate steel pipes with their hand odour to present to their German shepherds."

- Rindisbacher


"Oh, a number of people have called the twenty-first century das Jahrhundert des geruch, the century of odour. The nose has gained in stature. This gain is reflected, for instance in a more aggressive stance by the perfume industry and the exploding artificial fragrance and flavour business. I think the first newspaper reference I saw to the social implications of environmental fragrancing systems was in the 1990s, in the Wall Street Journal. In it, executives of a leading fragrance manufacturer acknowledged that smells of the future could be potent enough to put smell suppliers in competition with the pharmaceutical industry." - Rindisbacher

 From Amber Marks' book
Headspace: Sniffer Dogs, Spy Bees and One Woman's Adventures in the Surveillance Society

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chapter 25: The New World Odour
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Stasi Smell Jars mentioned in book 

Big Stinky  Huntington Library and Gardens
My DNA press photo
GDR Duftproben Stasi
Smell Jars Appaloosa 2009
G8 Protest Sam Fentress, Edinburgh 2005
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