Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nose Geeks


Book rec for nose geeks

A Field Guide to the Invisible, Wayne Biddle

quick chapters include:

BO, Allergens, Bad Breath, Perfume, Pheromones, Neutrinos, Musk

BO body odor
"The human body excretes or secretes thousands of volatile chemicals, many with strong odors. We leave behind a cloud of bitter ammonia, rotty hydrogen sulfide, vinegary acetic acid, pungent ethyl alcohol and skunky mercaptans. We are short work for bloodhounds."

For those hooked on The Tudors series:
"Henry VIII preferred his dollop laced with rose."

"The Versailles court of Louis XV, known as la Cour parfumee required that a different perfume be worn every day of the week. The king's paramour, Madame de Pompadour, spent 1 million francs to establish a personal perfume bank that would guarantee her perpetual novelty."

Illustration: Eyes of Lura Astor 2010