Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hear Ye Hear Ye (trends)

Ding Ding Ding
Hear Ye Hear Ye
Flavour & Fragrance Trends
of Two Thousands Ten

I was quietly drifting along the sea’s shore munching on my rhubarb as I rose on my tippy toes to see the white amber dawn, quite a difference from the night before’s mojito green absinthe tongue, not quite the satin wood texture and my eyes felt a bit like I had woody irises but the orange blossom morning and the szechwan pepper sunrise made my youthful grapefruit musk quite provocative in the shocking androgynous way that no one, no one in L.A. is immune to these days. It is simplistically fashionable in that planned simplicity way, unlike the realism of the relaxed tradition a few years ago, everyone running around in yoga gear, then it became Pilates gear, and now it is transparent fashion for us, the voyeuristic data-capturing cultures we are, we are. So? Be bold, ye of many accents and L.A. - rise to the occasion of your Colorful Future.

... poking a bit o’ fun after reading recent pronouncements. Besides I wouldn't munch on rhubarb, I'd make sure it's well cooked ... read on

Color is a Serious Business and they do affect us.

I am always impressed at dye lots and Pantone numbers, paint and eyeshadow names, car colors (pleaaaassse do away with military green for the beamer sports cars!) lipstick, blush and juice – the liquids in which fragrance is delivered.

Bell Flavors and Fragrances'
Top 10 fragrance and flavor trends for 2010

based on sample tracking, trend scouting, trend compilations from external sources. Fragrance trends were developed on the basis of trends in fashion, art, color, politics and entertainment. (I got run off a fragrance forum board years back - my essay on perfume can be political.)

Drum Roll


Grapefruit rhubarb rose youthful
Seashore driftwood androgynous
White amber/patchouli shocking
Mahogany vetiver relaxed traditional
Absinthe provocative
Mandarin/orange blossom simplistically fashionable
Mojito planned simplicity
Woody iris realism
Satin wood transparent fashion
Szechwan pepper bold accents

Newsboy, age 6, St. Louis, Missouri: Lewis Hine 1910
Nuancier Pantone: Cereales Killer
California Orange Blossoms: B.L. Singley 1897