Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scented Food for Season Four: The Tudors

A scent lover got me hooked on the series The Tudors. While I haven't watched Desperate Housewives, I do call this series The Desperate Royals. Even my local librarians are hooked and pointed out the fact that there is a poster of Henry on a throne of nekkid people.  Drive by a postered building Here
or view the poster Here
listen to the lovely reminder of Herman's Hermits singing the song that bore into pop consciousness with the refrain, second verse, same as the first.

Spring 2010 - cook meals to watch with your Final Season

Eugenia R. Van Vliet's book Dinners with Famous Women: From Cleopatra to Indira Gandhi you can cook historical feasts and find out behind the scenes tidbits. These meals included the use of many scents as ingredients.
Hear Natalie Dormer's voice (she plays Ann) as you read Ann Boleyn's menu and her descriptions of hunts with Henry, you will also hear of his eating habits that so disturbed Ann, she had to make her exit to eat "in peace and quiet".

This reminds me of Richard Dreyfuss as the exasperated shrink dad bursting into his son's room crying, I just need some peace and quiet, to which the son replies, I'll be quiet and What About Bob says, I'll be peace, and they have to pull the bed covers up to explode in not supposed to have giggles - the absolute best kind.

'enry's gout inducing gluttony makes you just know he looked nothing like actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers! I don't understand gout, but know it to be painful, so no wonder the boy's anger got out of control. Ben Franklin was another gouty guy.

Gout through History ... gout and the French word goûte crossover ... to taste, enjoy, to have taste, or, an afternoon tea ...

If you're caught up in the series Rome, no problem! Menus á la Cleopatra are covered in Van Vliet's cookbook.

Caryl Churchill's play Top Girls 1982 is a great dinner set-up of five characters from various times in history. Food preferences come in as they take you on a ride, revealing the stories of their lives.

Tudor Rose: ipankonin