Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aspirational Vehicles

Years ago I stood on a crosswalk of Laguna Beach's tourist row when new Hummers filled the street - shiny, new, fast, high, cocky, tourist traffic be damned esprit. There were a lot of them, and most of the Sunday drivers looked like the young military from down the coast, sitting on high. I thought, this'll sell gasoline.

Then I met a woman whose parents had bought a Hummer and she sniffed, what are people doing buying the car if they can't afford the gas? The vehicle reminds me as part hearse.

Arianna Huffington ran for governor of California against Arnold Shwarzenegger. Her site played a great animation - her driving a gas saving Prius and Arnie in his Hummer gas consumptive.
I found it! This animation still makes me laugh here it is from 2003
His direct quote, "I'm for children" plays a bit differently in 2011.

Today I read, in ... the Huffington Post ... that GM General Motors is discontinuing the "controversial brand" read here

Hummer cologne came out with in-depth branding. I test drove a spritz of the aspirational cologne vehicle Hummer 1 and it ran right over me. Just as they are designed to do. In the perfume boutique I worked at years ago, Hummer didn't do great sales but Ferrari Red and Ferrari Black were huge sellers among boys, men and women buying for boys. Aspirational vehicles in a box with the logo on Ferrari yellow.

If you are over 18, 21 or 39 depending on the country where you live, you can click here scroll down to number 3 and listen to the beginning of one Hummer song. I am sure they are singing about the manly cologne in the manly machine.
It is by The Yuppie Pricks and titled Hummer in my Hummer.

There, I did it. Linking cars - colognes - music - animation - politics - gasoline - humor!

Point lastor!