Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maple Sugars Serendipity


Sables/Annick Goutal translates from French to English as sand/s. Years back I originally read it as sable fur, getting rich browns and autumnal fireplace golden red highlights when smelling the juice. Turns out the range of sable fur colors includes blacks as well as browns.

with its immortelle has a distinct nose of Vermont maple syrup. Th
e ambrosia of unrefined, dark, grade B, maple syrup is nothing like bottled corn syrups labeled as maple syrup. Sables also reminds me of maple sugar candies shaped as maple leaf, , acorns, clover, roses, turkeys, people and more; a treat beyond buttercream dissolve-on-the-tongue.

Serendipity and Something New!
I tasted spun maple sugar for the first time.

The menu said,  "Only spun if Miss Dingle is here." She was.

A plate piled high was set down before us looking like a fairy's wig of cream brown.

Hands ripped wisps as the faintest burn of maple sifted into nostrils on the way to tongue melt.

It is like having a birthday treat and it is not your birthday, makes me laugh.

Summer fairs' dry hay and spinning threads of burning sugar - cotton candy
Maple sugar tapped from Vermont trees

Had gathered a few folks to visit the Norton Simon Museum's free evening; it was the first time I saw the sculpture garden at night.

The uplighting on sculptures and trees makes the outdoor sculpture path and pool even more transportive than daytime viewing. A Henry Moore nude on her side with legs flying creates a Chagall nightscape as it casts a shadow large enough to fill the museum facade. 

A lane of skinny trees with a few leaves left could have a title plate Autumn.

Illustration: Last Minute Luck Lura Astor
Photo: Maple Leaf Structure jurvetson and TED/joy of rockets