Monday, November 9, 2009

Fabric & Fragrance & Do You Dare?

This ribbon was an integral part of a celebrity fragrance launch, an example of modern culture, in-depth, branding for a successful ad campaign. Launched by fragrance design house Elizabeth Arden in 2004, Curious perfume, for pop-star performer Britney Spears' fragrance portfolio, was aimed at the 16-24 age market, and remains popular with an older demographic as well.

Customers describe it as pretty, clean, fresh, floral, light, nice.Reps convince potential buyers to allow themselves their guilty pleasures and buy the scent because they like it, regardless of how they feel about star/brand identity.

Grossing sales of $55.4 million in 2006 landed this celebrity perfume #4 on Forbes Magazine’s top selling celebrity fragrances list.

The bottle's design, with its atomizer, lends modern recognition of Hollywood film, and film star, dressing tables.

Perfume: Curious
Celebrity: Britney Spears Design
House: Elizabeth Arden
Perfumer: Claude Dir
Bottle Designer: Jean Antretter

Ad Director: Dave Meyers
Introduced: 2004

Scent Classification: Floral

Range: 1.0 oz, 1.7 oz, 3.3 oz
au de Parfum, 0.5 oz

Perfume Stick, 3.8 oz

Body Lotion, 7.0 oz

Body Polish, 0.7 oz

Body Shimmer, 6.8 oz
Body Wash, 0.16 oz/each
Fragrance Roller Ball and Lip Gloss Duo

top Louisiana Magnolia, Golden Anjou Pear, Water Lotus
heart Tuberose, Star Jasmine, Pink Cyclamen
base Vanilla, Musk, Blonde Woods, Sandalwood

Fabric & Fragrance

Instead of using paper blotters to smell and test fragrances, some companies use a cut of ribbon, spray it with the fragrance, and customers wear the ribbon on their wrist or ankle, or put it in a purse, pocket or book.


... part of a package I put together to induce local establishments to increase the value of their
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c. 1340 defines curate M.L. curatus one responsible for the care of souls
L. curatus, pp. curare to take care of

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