Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Sophia Grojsman

Wasteland !

the scent

photo: National Aeronautics and Space Administration/
NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
under Photo ID: PIA08374
10 September 2007

"Dark material splatters the walls and floors of craters in the surreal, frozen wastelands of Iapetus. This image shows terrain in the transition region between the moon’s dark leading hemisphere and its bright trailing hemisphere."

This view acquired during Cassini's only close flyby of the two-toned Saturn moon

Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera
distance approximately 6,030 kilometers
(3,750 miles) from Iapetus
image scale, 36 meters (118 feet) per pixel

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AND this photo brings to mind Alexander Calder's gouache on paper Black Saucers, 1968, part of the Norton Simon Museum collection