Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bottle Shock

The movie Bottle Shock, with a great cast, writing and scenery, showed the transition of American viniculture onto the world stage circa 1976, affecting the previous "tradition" of French wine as a standard. This transition, on the heels of "The Judgment of Paris" influenced not only wine culture in America and France but the world.
A similar transition has happened in perfumery. Especially post post-world-war-2, when France positioned as the premiere luxe goods exporter.
Throughout world and time there have been cultural scent traditions. People are popping up their perfume products in all kinds of places now. The transitions and migrations of scent in the current world market influence how we look at, and smell, think about, deliver, speak of, archive and create the olfactory goods.

With Rio de Janeiro winning the 2016 Summer Olympics (congratulations), my fantasized money is on continuing increase in Brazil's perfumery.

Illustration: My Bottles Lura Astor