Wednesday, August 12, 2009

perfume hunts

Perfume hunts take you on odd adventures. Detours, misguided mapquest directions, parking frustrations, closed on Wednesdays, the occasional wry attendant, a man and his poodle, both from France, in Beverly Hills buying Dzing!

All About Sex

Smelling the Gilly Hicks Sydney fragrance line - the brand revolves around a fictitious character, an American idea of an Aussie version of an Archie comic book Betty and Veronica blend.

Michael S. Jeffries, chair/CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch, whose Gilly Hicks Sydney falls in its lifestyle brand and company portfolio, states that AandF is all about sex.
knock me over with a fish fly feather ...

Previously, Abercrombie and Fitch was all about fishing. Any thigh-high boots were waders. Tackle boxes could have gold latches, but, still fishing and flanneled fellows fare.

A Gilly Hicks Sydney video ad shows a young gal in undies in beach-side prance with a mostly bare-bodied homoerotic boy. Made for board rooms everywhere, the video has something for everyone except for straight lady secretaries who take meeting minutes, bring in Krispy Kremes, and chart the quarterlies.

The video ad is an American version of Nordic uninhibited the type that sent parents of American hippies off the blood pressure charts, or, to their swingers club. Nixon vowed to clean us up and one teen neighbor who was sent to an Irish convent to repent, returned to speak of how truly peaceful and green it is in the emerald isles.

The perfume bottles have a nice heft. I don't know how the caps hold up ... anyone who handles perfume knows caps are often flawed. Their Tamarama may be an inside joke on Theorema. La Perouse is reminiscent of La Perla, another lingerie outfit with a fragrance line.

The company writes that this store is designed for moms to feel safe taking their daughters to shop for undergarments. I saw teens and college girls, and a chic-ly dressed couple. The brand also targets male teens with its Down Under Undies.
Bras come in molded one-foam-for-all, as so many others, with fake whale bone inserts in some of the Gilly Hicks bra lines. Each rib has heavy seams on each side - real discomfort for forming or formed bodies.


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