Friday, August 14, 2009

a global thank you from Lura Astor

taking a moment to thank you

I see readership from places across
the globe
I have only dreamed of
since a child
spinning a beautiful map globe
that was black with a light that lit it
from within

turning off any other light
I would study this lit lamp glow globe
of countries small and vast

beautiful pinks, yellows, greens and blues

I felt I could talk to any one
any language

just by putting my finger on the spot in the country
just beginning to find my way

dance - I could speak any language
music - I could speak any language
food - I could speak any language
scent - I could speak any language
love - I could speak any language
healing - I could speak any language
choreography - I speak any language

what gifts
these arts

what to do
with the hundred years allotted one?

this child would fit her country's land mass
inside others
see spatial relationships

get a better understanding
of the flags
that stood at the new U.N.
United Nations

people of different garb
stopping in the hallways
to talk to this little girl
barely holding her mother's hand
neck upstretched to see them
the human imagination
quite the frontier

I would like to see blood tides
ebb and flow within the body
not burst out violently

I would so like to see the blood tides
within the body
allow the woman her nature
of a flow to the outside
for the world to see
not hide it with the new
birth control
blood flow control
not hide it with IUD's that
perforate and irritate

understand chi and blood flow
tides of nature cycles
life, death, life
life, death, renewal

we don't have to force feed
a culture of such magnitude
of death, fear, destruction

have a cup of tea and talk to another
an artist
I dream day dream and night dream
I wish I could soothe and calm
the irritated masses

I wish I could exuberate
elicit and celebrate
energies of new awakening
veils off the imagination
color, vivid, imaginable hues
textures of architecture
playful calm
rowdy radiance
work, play, rest

So a toast to you
join me
for a cup of imagination