Saturday, July 18, 2009

we really are bananas

Promises in a Container
... continuing on,

AXE says Spray More Get More. That's about as mark mark as it gets; alpha alpha.

Here, the Visual is used to sell the Olfactive, with promises, humor and a good deal of hope, or as we say, the aspirational. One aspires to ... the promised rewards.

I used to go to a perfume boutique, no longer in business, and loved talking fragrance with the owner. He knew his stuff, but he loved to sell the sex part. He'd warn that you were a weapon now, walking out wearing your new fragrance, loaded for bear. Though it didn't work on me, he never stopped trying.

One day, his young teen son walked in clutching a brown paper bag, looking slightly embarrassed, if not sneaky. It did not fly by the dad who immediately asked, what do you have there? And then, Who bought that for you!

Uncle, mumbled his son, looking apologetically at his dad who looked apologetically at me. I was laughing. Here were shelf upon shelf of hard to find fragrances and his son wanted ... AXE.
Like father, like son? ... susceptible to the not-so-subliminal, not even sublime, messaging?

With taglines fit for young boy-men, such as
how dirty boys get clean, there's the market.

to continue ... the selling of fragrance as sexual enhancement, seen here in some commercials; many more online.

*click to see  AXE commercial 2002? Keep your eye on the scent ...

In the AXE ad, Which one is you? you are told that you can mix them together, just as I was told I could do with the Creeds by a sales rep. Two Creeds at $260-460+ each, Two Axes at $10+ each usd

This one I'll call replay

For all you chiropractors, massage therapists, healers out there, fragrance induced Back Pain

I've never smelled the stuff. All I know is it is laughing to the bank.

Online commentaries include derisiveness towards the smell and wistful it never did that for me!