Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tip 'o the HAT

behind the scenes,
people create entertainment magic.

The group includes choreographers.

Having been one, I know the majesty of working with excellent instruments, those who make the moves their own, over and over again.

A Tip 'o the Hat to Michael Peters 1948-1994 during this week of iconography retrospective.

Michael Peters' choreographic work includes Thriller, Beat It, Hello, Love is a Battlefield, Love to Love You Baby, DreamGirls.

He danced and worked with some greats in the dance/performance world and received a personal award from Fred Astaire.

As we Moon Dance during 3 summer eclipses, rest in peace dancers, and all of us keep dancin' while alive. 

Keep on pollinating

Illustration: Pollen Lura Astor