Thursday, July 30, 2009

Congratulations, Andy Tauer!

The NZZ am Sonntag article discusses niche perfumer Dr. Tauer's rising star. Tauer likes being considered a kitchen perfumer. His gaining notoriety takes him out of the home kitchen and into the larger arena, as any good cook!

his "tagline"
Tauer Perfumes: Perfumery the classical way, perfumes created with love

Tauer utilizes the commentary from his blog followers into his marketing and fragrance sketches.

For quite a few years I informally (unpaid), and regularly, wrote commentary, opinion, analysis and humor pieces for a few major online fragrance boards.

Occasionally I consciously threw out ideas to see how and when they would be picked up. These contributions all found their way to the marketplace. For every written contribution in the public forum, there were/are a substantial number of unseen eyes, or as the online community named them lurkers, within various industries who took/take the informal focus groups' information to heart, market or lawsuit. Tauer remains generous in his praise of follower's help and contributions.

Illustration: LOVE Lura Astor