Saturday, August 15, 2009

perfume in a cup : tea cup memories

A toast to my passed mother who taught us to pour boiled water into the teapot,

slosh it around to warm it,

pour hot
water in the cups to warm them as the tea steeps.

A ritual that continues to pleasure.

Whether black, with cream, lemon, or without lumps of sugar, honey, barley malt, or

yakkity yakkity

Growing and brewing herbs, lemon verbena, mints, comfrey, hand harvested sassafras, a love of teas continues, so, thanks mom.

Tea Time

recharge one's batteries
refuel soulfulness
connect with others
savor conversation,
slow the rush,
steep in the history of surroundings,
Have tea with your dreams, as Del Hovda taught.

Scented steam as I work a sketch, read, edit, slow into meaningful imagination.

Steep and see beauty, the wealth around and within us, imbibe the world.

plump your inner tea bag
swirl your loose

Illustration: Cups of Heart Lura Astor

Painting: The Cup of Tea 1880

Mary Cassatt photo: Gorges Verdon Barrage Sainte Croix Benh Lieu Song