Wednesday, August 12, 2009

and set my soul free

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles has a call out for Woodstock memorabilia / link click here
click here for a bird seed of my Woodstock experience.

News photo: me top left, New York Post 20 August 1969

A bit unsettled by Macys displays, Time magazine, Barnes and Noble, Target, fashions branding The Summer of Love, and the free rag L.A. Weekly cover Funk Spirit Rising, because frankly, I don't see either.

In part I see the humor within branding, "innovation", marketing and advertising, It does not have to be true, it just has to seem true. It is effective to hit nostalgia, especially for gained market share.

... is the magic of Woodstock the topnote of Age Aquarius a different whiff when smelled archivally 40 years later? Have we reached the couer? the heart? the heart notes? I know we have not reached the basest of the base basenotes.

How did we bake ourselves?
Did the souffles fall?
The dream changes the dreamer and the dreamer change the dream?
Preferably, nostalgia is used as touchstone, to keep qualities growing into the future, with heart, not frozen in the past and mass-produced, with a replication that takes out the experiential.

What is sold today can be tomorrow's proven fallacies, theoretical, rhetorical, or, what is "good" for us. The joke is to get it before age 80. I think, at least today's thought process.

Is it all about the image? Do you think/feel?

Joni Mitchell's Woodstock
and I dreamed I saw the bombers
riding shotgun in the sky
turn right into butterflies
above our Nation

video here from Monterrey Sur


what is it
what is it that feeds?
what is it that feeds your soul
this breath.

left: Author in 1993 out of the mountains after weeks camping out with the Konnarock volunteer work crew moving huge boulders, building stairs on the Appalachian Trail. Who knew I would like rock picks so much? Our leader, a young woman, had just finished pointing out the Queen's Truss on the bridge outside this sultry Southern pizzeria.

1996 arrive in Los Angeles
and create the Portable Altars, Goddess Hats, Moon Masks series

California 2004-05
Skins series, part of the Fragrance in paintings series, begun in 2002 which continues to this day.

I was working hard as a massage therapist, including educating Caltech geeks, staff and administrators that a body carries their brains around. I asked scientists why epsom salts relax muscles and what the newest in artificial cartilage research is, as we talked far galaxies and nanotechnology. 

Contributor to early online perfume boards, writing creative non-fiction, editor, painter, teacher

Stretch: my synthesis of Tai Chi Chuan, yoga, dance, body re-education and re-alignment.
Stay healthy, courageous, creative, with humor intact.