Thursday, June 4, 2009

theatrical 4th wall explorations continue

Some reviews and commentary
on the Green Aria Scent Opera
tickle me ... the description of
people pulling away from the scent microphones
when Funky Green Impostor
makes an appearance, with first whiff.

this memory floated in

Sitting in the back row of an historic
movie theater, 1973
3-D film production of Frankenstein
co-produced by Andy Warhol, Carlo Ponti and others, directed by Paul Morrissey

The first 3-D experience unfolds like this

we're sitting in the back row
a huge flock of bats fly, startlingly fast,
into the camera, continuing into the audience
everyone in the audience turns their head away
we are staring at a huge group of grimacing faces
collectively moving away from the birds
a collective gasp
a collective body giggle
human reflexes
and instinctual protection
in a theatrical frame
the usual audience of individuals, couples,
and small groups
changed into the collective