Thursday, June 18, 2009

Olfactory Synasthetes

Do you smell in color?

 Smelling Orange: The Interconnected Realm Of Synesthesia

For years I contributed to online
fragrance/olfaction boards
asking if others "Smell in Color".

I've spoken with synasthetes, but I do not see letters/numbers in color. I definitely smell in color. The article's title jumped out at me! Yes! Does anyone else? Where are the other olfactory synasthetes!

In the mid-1980's, I co-choreographed a piece with two others, and the musician chose a color for every note.

The music was intellectual framed mentally; the presentation stark. Today, I would make such a collaborative piece lush and textural. Lycra bodysuits were relatively new, used much in dance, sports and then yoga. Anna White caused a huge hurrah wearing her, now famous, white lycra bodysuit at Wimbledon, 1985.

Pastel: Watersparks Lura Astor