Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fragrance in Internal Uses

The Coca-Cola Museum click here may sound uninteresting, but it is a treat to sample 50-plus varieties of fragrance/flavors, in the delivery system of carbonated beverage, as translated and targeted to cultures and regions around the world.

Coca-Cola with tamarind, cardamon, citrus notes and more

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, I see online that it has changed since my 1991 visit.

I don't think there is a lavender cola yet ... Provence, Washington, Oregon, California ... other lavender growing regions?

Recipe for a carbonated lavender and a few links:
orange-lavender cappuccino
lavender-lemon soda
lavender honey
lavender lemon curd

Photos: Small Leaf Tamarind/Diploglottis campbellii  Tatiana Gerus
Limes on Granite Counter Janet Hudson