Friday, May 15, 2009

Perplexed? Pupation Incubation?

And Now A Children's Story for Adults today

Once Upon A Time someone needed ...
Need Some Pupation Incubation?

if you think TRANSFORMATION is challenging

look what can happen in One Minute
of an Inachis io European Peacock caterpillar
here seen pupating seen above in reverse from bottom right corner we're not crawling back into the cocoon womb

photo: taken in Austria by thinkaholic GNU Free Documentation License
Perplexed? take a note from Dana
Danaus plexippus

Steep Awhile

mercury is retrograde
a good time
to rest
re think
re edit
re vise
re evaluate
re do review

photo: GNU Free Documentation License

and, you may just find your tribe and

photo: Mila Zinkova, migration in Santa Cruz, California

and go hang out at a perfume bar

mmmmm sniff sniff

spruce, fir, pine, what'll it be today, bartend?

this tribe is in New Jersey during a migration
photo permission: Gene Nieminen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

here they go go go 'round Mexico

photo: Raina Kumra creative commons