Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nothing In Nature Abstains

The new birth control degenderizing of women is dangerous. Natural cycles of lust, recreation, procreation and just plain creation are messed with when we fear the women's internal bloods so much we don't want the externalization. Such sanitization as we spill others' blood onto the earth for such stupid, greedy non-reasons is officially out of balance.

Numerous hormonal birth controls have women thinking they are pregnant all the time, struggling with 50-plus side effects, up to and including death. No wonder the women then need and want to nest, even if prematurely, with that particular man. Rather than enjoying her sexual well-being, the body continuously says, "baby coming, make nest, baby coming, make nest". And, the sense of smell changes.

We can categorize time in calendars that disregard lunar cycles and circadian rhythms at a cost. It is documented that Daylight Saving Time causes havoc, including sleep disturbances. Sleep Study institutes reveal sleep deprivation to be a main cause in many "accidents" including major oil spills on the oceans.

Nothing In Nature Abstains

One can call something not sex, can call it something else, can term anal sex, oral sex, armpit sex, etcetera, as forms of abstinence, but again, at a cost. Saying something is not sexual does not make it so. Additionally, this remove diminishes aspects of foreplay and carress, and ... the relational.

You can say 2 plus 2 is 5, but, is it?
To mother earth may all your sexy little beings get better and better at love and loving.

From whence all came Wu Wei
the male
the female