Wednesday, April 22, 2009

this in - more on Hyacinths & A Mechanic

For followers of this blog's posts on The Bottle Journey of perfumer Andy Tauer's I had sent this fragrant l'art pour l'art Hyacinths & A Mechanic to this fellow:


After several links on this blog:
bottle on a journey
Hyacinths & A Mechanic

Michael in Alaska responds via his wondermongery

Check out the complete travels at Bottle Journey

Since meeting Michael through the fragrance world, I have loved his wit, writing, wisdom and book recommendations. His friendship is another gem I have gathered through a love and knowledge of fragrance, how we smell, what we smell, words and art.

Here he sings with a Tibetan Singing Bowl, in Alaska. He also makes jewelry.

Spring Lilacs: check out Octavian's post at 1000 fragrances


photos courtesy of Michael Reid Hunter