Thursday, January 8, 2009


is a way to tap into the unknown and have it made clear.i
Is a way to make sense of feelings, confusions, pure beauty, oddities, complexities and simplicities. 
is a way to appreciate deep beauty, the beauty where assymetries, wordlessnesses, and zits exist.

Living life as an artist is a way of allowing life to imprint one's self.

To imprint my s*elf is signing one's soul signature across life.

Partial Bio

Growing up in a stimulating environment with exposure to the arts and artists, both in the home and with access to the galleries and museums of New York City and New England, I am particularly grateful to the art teachers in the public school system who influenced me from childhood on, and to public libraries.

Beginning as a child, I was a performing dancer and a long dance/theater career included choreography, directing, teaching, and costume, set and lighting design, techniques of improvisation from Living Theater, Viola Spolin’s Theater Games, Dream Theater, and more. I’ve worked with terrific artists from many fields.

Though I studied jazz and jazz piano with some greats in Las Vegas, I am not a player! it deepened my love of the craft. One teacher shook his head with conundrum, “You can dance to 9/8 time (my choregraphy/performance to Carmen McRae singing the great lyrics to Dave Brubeck’s Take Five) but you have a hard time with it at the piano. Hearing his trio was like hearing 3D chess being played live.

Work with whatever I get my hands on: time, space, materials and energy converge at the same address
acrylic, paper, fabric, canvas, wood, pen, ink, crayon, cray-pas, watercolor, fabric, papier mâché, plexiglass, driftwood, stones, hornets’ nests, beads, candles, feathers, carving foamcore, woodcuts, textiles, dye, linoleum cuts, hand built ceramics, fine thread wearable macrame, crewel work, knit, knit-lace, sew, grow vines up neon strings, masks, words, conceptual, installations.

Early work includes black and white photography, 8mm and super 8 film, early video. Even in those media I worked with superimposition, re-shooting film within the camera, utilizing film within video, and a variety of 2D and 3D projection “screens”.

Dream Artist consciously work with dreams, since childhood. I offer workshops on creative techniques to access one’s dreams, visions, daydreams and practical goals using images and words for fun and practical applications.

Harvesting dreams is as real as picking up seashells on a shore, stones off land, or hunting for empty birds’ or hornets’ nests; as well as getting insights into daily problems, the nitty gritty.

Love Wins!