Monday, January 26, 2009

Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson often told how the Declaration of Independence of the United States had been ratified and signed so quickly ...

The committee overseeing the document had their rooms near a stable, and members were much annoyed by constant swarms of biting flies who were adept at getting into their leggings.

So impatient did the members become, waving at the flies and running from the aggressions, that their hurry to be done with the pestilential place insured the Declaration’s signing.

- Bartlett’s Book of Anecdotes eds. Clifton Fadiman, Andre Bernard

I wonder, what is the equivalent today - a perceived pestilence of journalism? no money from lobbyists? disasters? hope? transit of Pluto?

Today I wear the appropriately named Jacomo fragrance Paradox.

photo:  United States Declaration of Independence. Fascimile on velum, one of 201 produced in 1823 by William J. Stone from a copper plate engraving of the original 1776 manuscript.